Sunday, November 3, 2019

Organ Transplants Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Organ Transplants - Essay Example If the black market is analyzed, it is seen that most of the sellers are poor while most of the buyers of organs are comparatively wealthy (Satz 10). Most of the organ transfers in the black market are from the poor to the rich, from the third world countries to the first world countries, from non-whites to whites and from females to males (Satz 10). Why is it that these trends reflect the long perceived inequalities in society? There certainly is a link between organ transplantation and societal inequalities, be it on an economic or a health front. This paper thus argues that organ transplants can cause inequality within society. Organ transplantation will demarcate and enhance the pre-existing inequalities in society. As per statistics laid out by the National Kidney Foundation, more than 89,000 patients in the US are currently awaiting organ transplant and about 4000 additional patients are added every month to the waiting list ( 1). Each day, 17 patients die waiting for a transplant (1). In 2004, 3,886 patients waiting for kidney transplant, 1,811 patients waiting for liver transplant, 457 patients waiting for heart transplant and 483 patients waiting for lung transplant died while waiting (1). Estimation of people who meet premature death simply waiting for organ transplants is difficult. Worldwide, it is estimated that 700000 patients are on dialysis and in need of kidneys (Erin and Harris 137). In Western Europe alone, 40,000 people wait for kidney transplantation while only 10,000 kidneys become available (137). It is thus obvious that there is a huge shortage of organs, so much so that governments worldwide are considering the prospects of a legalized organ market! Howev er, it is feared that such a market will lead to exploitation of those (such as the poor) who are in desperate need of money, or those (such as women or weak sections of society) who are forced to sell or donate their organs for various reasons.

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