Thursday, November 7, 2019

Progress of Technology essays

Progress of Technology essays Personal computers were officially introduced just around 15 years ago and already changed our lives dramatically. People that were born around that time rely on computers a lot more than older generations. We use computers for just about everything like instant messaging, games, homework, music and e-mail; just to name a few. I think that advances in technology and, therefore, computers have mostly a positive effect on humans. They replace peoples jobs and do them millions of times faster. We wouldnt be able to launch any spaceships if it wasnt for the computer helping humans control it. Homework and research would take hours to complete because you would have to look for different sources everywhere and now you just log onto the internet and all known encyclopedias are at your fingertips. Computers these days can be found everywhere from being the brain of new cars and helping you drive without getting lost to just sitting on your arm and telling you the correct time. A computer isn't just the thing that sits on your desk to be used for word processing. They are amazing machines able to do things some people don't even think possible. Computers are helping humans live. They take off many responsibilities so people just watch the numbers on the screen and not worry about anything else as the computer does the rest. Computers also save lives. SWAT teams use them inside radio controlled robots that can disarm all sorts of bombs or even serve as a camera to go through small spaces that people can't get through. A computer is something not to be underestimated. Computers are not only becoming faster every day but they are also becoming smaller. Around 40 years ago, computers were as big as several rooms and needed thousands of times more power than a personal computer today. All they could do was simple arithmetic operations that nowadays can be performed on any tiny hand-held calculator. Soon people will carry their...

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