Thursday, October 31, 2019

Psychological-profiling-of-terrorists Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Psychological-profiling-of-terrorists - Essay Example Before Israel was evicted, it had been involved in combat with the Palestine’s Palestine Liberation Organization in Lebanon. Israel had been involved in this war against the Palestine Liberation Organization in the Southern Lebanon where Israel had invaded and sieged Beirut. The Shia Muslim community then rebelled against Israel through guerrilla warfare after recognized that Israel had no aim of leaving Lebanon. This warfare was inducted by a political group in Lebanon known as the Amal Movement meaning hope (Azani, 2011).The Lebanese Shia Muslim Community had sympathized with the Israelites to get rid of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. This later turned to disillusionment when the Israelites held talks with only the ruling Christian pecking order. This infuriated the Muslims as they saw that they were not considered. They also rose up to establish Islamic rule over Lebanon. They had been disproportionately been represented in the country’s institutions. They also were involved in a war with the Israelites in 2006 which led to the death of 1000 Lebanese a 1,000,000 people were displaced. The war started as Lebanon attempted to pressure Israel to release them (Cordesman, 2007).Hezbollah used well laid suicide bombing, killings and by conquering soldiers in the other parts of the Middle East. They continued to fight the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) using suicide attacks. Later the Hezbollah turned into a paramilitary group where they changed their tactics from capturing the Israel soldiers into the use of missiles. and other explosives and detonations. Syria, at the finalization of the Lebanese war, took control over Lebanon and allowed the Hezbollah to keep their military weapons and to control the southern Lebanon and the Israel border (Azani, 2011). Later in 1990’s, Hezbollah turned to a political group where it was involved in elections in 1992 and won the 12 seats it had contested for in the electoral list. Later in 1997, Hezbollah established an army unit to fight against Israel Occupation. Later in the year 2000 Israel withdrew its militia from Lebanon. This signified the victory of Hezbollah. After the withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces from Lebanon, Hezbollah’s main aim had been accomplished and they now started expanding their influence over other terror groups such as the Palestinian groups in West Bank and Gaza by furnishing them with knowhow on military and even sponsored them financially and with equipments (Azani, 2011). Hezbollah provides social services to the Lebanese community through provision of hospitals and education through schools countrywide. Hezbollah has also organized a Martyr’s Institute which assures to offer living and education costs for their soldiers who die in wars. The United Nations also noticed through an IRIN news report that Hezbollah is not only armed and political wings but also has large social development program where it operates four hospitals, 11 clinics, 11 schools and 2

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