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buy custom Historic Events Paper essay

buy custom Historic Events Paper essay Higher education has been developed over the last 300 years. This has been so because these institutions have been realised to represent a good percentage of the gross national product. As centres of innovation, institutions of higher education enable individuals to realise their potential. Due to the developmental needs, people have seen the need for higher education. The clergy men, for example, were unable to take the gospel to other regions without acquiring education on those peoples culture and traditions; this encouraged them to go for higher education. Many religions came up with institutions of higher learning. Presbyterians for example, came up with the College of New Jersey, the Anglicans came up with the college of William and Mary in Virginia in the United States. The colonialists also enhanced higher education in several places that they ruled. This is so because most of the settlers were alumnis of various institutions of higher learning and, therefore, believed that e ducation was essential. Higher education has expanded as a result of various factors (Pogroszewski Aoki, 1998); 1. Better administration Good administration has been able to enhance and develop higher learning in the world. The way the institutions of higher learning are organized and managed has been able to make them a success. The administration had to set objectives for the institutions of higher learning to be functioning properly and to deliver what is expected of them. Most of the administrators of these institutions have objectives that suit their society demands. Some of the objectives were agriculture for those who mainly practised agriculture; religion was also another objective that had to be emphasized in these institutions of higher learning. By having these goals and emphasizing them, the administration heavily influenced the development of the higher learning. The administrators then came up with some policies and programmes that led them to achieving the set objectives (Young, 2002). They ensured that these policies were fllowed promptly to achieve the end results which are the objectives. The administrations also had to control the functions that either interfered directly or indirectly to the effectiveness of the higher learning process. The administration has also facilitated the improvement of research in the institutions of higher learning which is very important to live in this world. By improving infrastructure that helps in carrying out research, the administration has been able to help enhance higher learning. 2. Technology Technology is another event that has led to the development of higher learning around the globe. Technological advances, which are a trademark to academic researches, may now be shifting the way that universities tutor and students learn. Academic institutions are meant to enhance individuals' knowledge in a certain field of expertise. Distance education, complicated learning-management systems and the chance to team up with investigative partners from about the globe are presently some of the transformational profits that universities are taking. Institutions of higher learning have embraced technology and it has done them a great deal in improving them and making them better than before (Bates, 2000). A technology that has really done well to the development of higher learning is the open and distance learning in higher learning. The institutions have trained personnel who have to be learned and technologically skilled. This has to be done by uploading files, dealing with hardware and software hitches. The instructors design their courses and ensure that they are available. Online lessons have been made available are working effectively on the students computers. Technology has really developed higher learning and made education easily accessible to people who are far from their institutions of higher learning. This was not so when higher learning was being initiated. One had to be where the institution was to be in able to get knowledge. 3. Infrastructure development Infrastructural developpment and interaction between the institutions and the society has also led to the massive development of higher learning. It is dictated that an institution should have enough land, good buildings, and halls of residence, supporting facilities, library, and laboratories that are well equipped, computing facilities, aids such as LCD projector, seminar halls also conference rooms. With these facilities, an institution of higher learning is set to achieve its objectives easily. Enough resources should be available for any institution to work properly. Without money, very many activities will be at a standstill. The tutors need to be paid as well and the equipments need to be bought. So with money available, the institution will be able to run smoothly. That is why the institutions of higher learning set a given amount of fee for their students. Higher learning has also been enhanced by the relationship between the institutions and society. With a good interaction between the institutions and the public, the learners get the chances to work in their fields. For example, an immediate engineering learner from the higher institution will be in a position to work in an industry that the society at large runs. In conclusion, higher education has been developed over the periods by various events that have in turn shaped it to the current state. Good administration has been able to enhance higher learning and to make it develop. This has been done by coming up with policies that are used to guide these institutions of higher learning. They have also formulated strategies and programmes that can be used to achieve it. The introduction of the open and distance learning, in higher learning has been a boost to its development. The students are able to access study materials from any location within the globe through the internet. Development of infrastructure is another event that has been able to lead to the development of higher learning. With ample land, adequate building facilities among other resources, the institutions have been able to work correctly and to ensure the proper execution of the institutions. Buy custom Historic Events Paper essay

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