Monday, February 3, 2020

Evolution of Internet Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evolution of Internet Paper - Essay Example With the evolution of internet, devices used to support it have also developed and am outstanding example of these devices is the router. In this part of question, this paper is going to research on three companies (TRENDNet, D-Link and Linksys) selling high-speed router products. It will also compare the most powerful routers sold, as well as elaborating meaning of the term, ‘most powerful’ as with regard to routers. A router is a networking device that analyzes data and forwards it to a certain destination. To transfer the data efficiently and accurately, a lot of activity takes place inside the router. In addition to enabling most computers to go online, it enables computer networking in the most effective way (Zdnet 2012). There are different companies that manufacture high speed routers. The best examples of such companies are TRENDNet, D-Link, and Linksys which deal with high speed routers. Their routers can handle the bandwidth that one subscribes with an internet of 1 mbps connection which can go up to 12 mbps. The TRENDNet Company in California has been supporting home and business networks. Among the products TRENDNet, Company deals with are, high speed routers like TRENDnet TW100 BRV214 and TRENDnet TW100 S4W1CA, and are connected to a modem via Ethernet port (Zdnet 2012). D-link is another company which has developed technology products for two and half decades. It offers solutions for large corporations, educational and government institutions as well as home and office. The company also offers high speed routers like the D-link DI 704p and D-link DIR-130 Broadband VPN Router (Zdnet 2012). Just like the TRENDnet routers, D-link’s routers are connected to a modem via Ethernet. The third company that deals with high speed routers is Linksys, which has been providing technology solutions for long. The company has high speed routers with high performance like; Linksys E4200 dual band wireless-N router and RV042 router (Zdnet 2012). Linksys routers are slimmer than those of the other two companies. They are other software that accompanies these routers to enable the user to get the optimum benefit. High speed routers should be connected in the correct configuration order of modem, router then computer as analyzed in the Introduction to High Speed Routers (2009). The modem connects to internet provider, then the high speed router connects to the modem, and the computer connects to the high speed router. To me the most powerful router can be defined by the ability of the router to enable computer networking, the high speed in downloading files from the internet, the one which does not require antennae to tap signals. The router should also be able to connect wireless-G and wireless-N without complications, and should have the ability to set up a separate network for each band. Week 4 DQ 2 Since 1997 The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) has been responsible for the administration of internet addresses and domains for parts of the Caribbean and North America including Canada and United states. The decision by the American government to have the US department of defense secede from the support for commercial internet inspired its formation (Comer 2000). One of its services is the Whois service, which can be used to determine address blocks for institutions within the United States. It can also be used to determine geographical locations of specific internet provider addresses. In this part of question,

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