Sunday, December 8, 2019

A Question to My Future Self free essay sample

I said â€Å"People may not be as perfect as they want to themselves to be but they are perfect for some people† Who am I? My name is Kim X. I am a high school student. I am a student with Courage. I don’t talk much and I’m pretty shy too and I like anime. I love my family and I want to help them in any way possible that’s within my power. I’d like to set goals to myself and like to earn a lot of money and then help my family on the rent and the resources. What I want in the future is to be able to do something that I’m not able to do or can’t do something in the present and so in the future I wanna be able to make it a reality the reason I said â€Å"Something† is because it is Classified. We will write a custom essay sample on A Question to My Future Self or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Something that I care and like to do and what I want is a Huge question to my future self to see if it’s achievable. Sports: I like volleyball but it may not look like it but I really do like Volleyball and I also like Basketball too because the sport makes every single muscle cooperate and it takes skill and a lot of time to play and perfect either a skill or the sport and it takes awhile to dribble while not looking at the ball and looking at the opponent instead also in volleyball I wanna have some more hops so that I can have fast reaction and have a higher hop than now and then I can finally be good at the sports that I want to be able to do that I was not able to do. Family and Goals: I’d like to set goals to myself to get a really good job and get paid lots and lots of money so I can help with my family pay rent and buy some of their resources for them so they can rest every day and do nothing and the reason I want this is because that they work so hard every single day and I can’t stand it and I just sit by and do nothing because every single time I wanna help they always say â€Å"It’s okay son, maybe when you’re older† and I think I’m old enough to help so I thought to myself if I help in another way then maybe they don’t have to do that much Labor work every single day.

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